If I don’t start writing here I need to give the blog up. Also, John has told my my website is way out of date. Work ahead! Most important thing for me since October, is I am really committed to my online meditation group. It MAKES me meditate. But because I want to, not because… Read More

It’s not quite 4 in the afternoon and what a day I’ve had. What else can go wrong? It started really well. Up at 6.15 and got all my usual morning stuff done and it wasn’t quite 7.30. I had contacted an online meditation group connected to ‘my’ meditation people,  http://wccm.org/and knew there was a… Read More

Up. Breakfast. Wrote blog and started secret blog. Made bread. Bit of housework just to show willing. Played with kittens Read a chapter of Some Luck by Jane Smiley  as it’s Book Club this afters and I was only on chapter 4. Now on chapter 5. 28 chapters to go. Had beans on homemade bread… Read More

Hello yet again. A new start. (Can there be an old start?) Anyway, if I don’t keep this blog up I’m going to kill it off. I was so surprised I got in straight away, as I was sure I would get the user name and password wrong. I am also going to start a… Read More

I can’t believe I’m saying I had a good day, but I did. First, I discovered that the blue tits are nesting again in the nest box at the bottom of the garden. They had nested earlier this year, and it either failed or the babies fledged over Easter when we were away. Anyway, the… Read More

Another month. Spring. A bit cold but it’s lovely to see the blossom. Can’t write now. It’s taken ages to get in to the site, and then I found a comment from Kev, my brother, that I replied to. I also had to update loads of plug-ins. The site is so slow that it’s driving… Read More

And another month goes past. What have I done? Let me see where I got up to. Well, that didn’t help much. Let’s just think. I know it was Lent. You’re not supposed to talk about what you do for Lent, but Barbara has been telling everyone, so blow it, here goes. The main thing… Read More

I came home from church yesterday full of the joys of spring and told John that from now on I was going to be the perfect housewife. (Nothing to do with exhortations at church). Quick as a flash he said, ‘I don’t want the perfect housewife, I want you’. So that lets me off the… Read More

149.4lbs. How is it possible to put on 1lb in 24 hours? I’m supposed to be 147lbs next Monday, so I will have to have a very abstemious week. In other news – where did I get up to? Oh yes, Wednesday – Birding. Not one of our greatest days as the light wasn’t fabulous,… Read More

Tomorrow is D-Day. Tomorrow will tell. Tomorrow I weigh myself. Ok, D-Day is really Easter Monday, but tomorrow is a rehearsal. You see, if I lost a pound a week, I would be 10st4lbs by Easter. A pound loss is hardly dieting. I wouldn’t even notice it. And if I kept it up, who knows… Read More