Up. Breakfast. Wrote blog and started secret blog. Made bread. Bit of housework just to show willing. Played with kittens Read a chapter of Some Luck by Jane Smiley ¬†as it’s Book Club this afters and I was only on chapter 4. Now on chapter 5. 28 chapters to go. Had beans on homemade bread… Read More

Hello yet again. A new start. (Can there be an old start?) Anyway, if I don’t keep this blog up I’m going to kill it off. I was so surprised I got in straight away, as I was sure I would get the user name and password wrong. I am also going to start a… Read More

Another month. Spring. A bit cold but it’s lovely to see the blossom. Can’t write now. It’s taken ages to get in to the site, and then I found a comment from Kev, my brother, that I replied to. I also had to update loads of plug-ins. The site is so slow that it’s driving… Read More

I’ve decided to pick up on this blog. Someone in church read it and enjoyed it, so I have a fresh enthusiasm. I dropped it because I lost loads of stuff – I’m sure it’s still somewhere in the gobbledy-gook, and I was discouraged. Then I lost all my login details and both the website… Read More