Seems to be a month of knitting and Alexander’s First Holy Communion. I’m sure birds featured somewhere. (Also, church, WI, Creative Writing, Book Club and other things that don’t spring to mind at the moment.)… Read More

Bluebells, Bikes and Birthdays! There’s a lovely bluebell wood about half an hour away from where we live. This year I visited just after really wet weather and the poor bluebells were suffering. The Tour de Yorkshire went right past our church. Our little boy turned fifty.… Read More

Just quickly, as I have lots to do and want this review out of the way. Cats Birds Spring had begun My facebook cover… Read More

Would you believe birds and Oxford again? We seemed to go to Oxford again. Not sure why. We finally got a new boiler – first step to getting a new kitchen I can’t leave out Church That’ll do for March. (It’s just like this March, come to think!… Read More

The month seemed to be taken up with birding. I think the family must have stayed for Hogmanay. Here are the Scottish lads. The rest of the family would have been properly bedded. I also seemed to have done some knitting.… Read More

Hey ho, another year. I think I will sum up last year by choosing three photos per month. My year in 36 photos! Well, over a year, as I shall start with Jan 2018 and it is now March 2019. Here goes.… Read More

Up. Breakfast. Wrote blog and started secret blog. Made bread. Bit of housework just to show willing. Played with kittens Read a chapter of Some Luck by Jane Smiley ¬†as it’s Book Club this afters and I was only on chapter 4. Now on chapter 5. 28 chapters to go. Had beans on homemade bread… Read More

Hello yet again. A new start. (Can there be an old start?) Anyway, if I don’t keep this blog up I’m going to kill it off. I was so surprised I got in straight away, as I was sure I would get the user name and password wrong. I am also going to start a… Read More

Another month. Spring. A bit cold but it’s lovely to see the blossom. Can’t write now. It’s taken ages to get in to the site, and then I found a comment from Kev, my brother, that I replied to. I also had to update loads of plug-ins. The site is so slow that it’s driving… Read More