I started this blog on 1st December 2007. On changing providers I downloaded the years I had recorded and started afresh in 2013.I must admit I let the posts slide a lot, especially in the last year, but on deciding to take it up again I somehow lost it all. I was so upset, and tried and tried to retrieve it by submitting a ticket to Hostpapa, by initialising Live Chat and by fiddling around on my own. No luck. I know I didn’t delete it, and I hope to get it back some day as it’s still somewhere in the ether. The last couple of years have been really good, and I so wanted a record of them.

But today I decided to start again. So here we are. Blog Mark 3.
As before, I hope to keep it lighthearted. Any comments I have had about it in the past has been that it has a feelgood factor. So enjoy.

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