Good day yesterday. Met my three OU friends at York Museum and after an argument with the coffee machine we went to see the Richard the Third exhibition. It was a bit small – only two or three little rooms – but very interesting.The Olivier film was set up in a corner, and we turned up just in time for the ‘Kingdom for a Horse scene. Olivier’s death throes were really comical. Almost as bad as his performance as Othello. Not sure I rate him as an actor. There was a lot crammed in to the exhibition and it was really well displayed.There was also a chalkboard for people to write comments on. Most seemed to focus on where he should have been buried, with one or two people blaming Shakespeare for his evil reputation. Alex is very knowledgeable about him, and told us lots of extra facts.

Having done our culture bit we made our way to the Café Concerto where we chatted and lunched and I forgot I was on a diet. Well, crême brulée is my favourite sweet, so I couldn’t waste the opportunity.

I returned to the Park and Ride, had a quick look around the Designer Outlet, and headed home where John was just finishing a counselling session.

Pleasant evening knitting.

One other thing, in the Museum Gardens there was a stall set up with birds of prey. As we passed by they were flying a Harris hawk so I got a few shots.

Harris Hawk

Freedom or food?

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