tour_de_YorkshireI went to Tesco this morning. Yes, I know I don’t do Tesco for ethical reasons, but sometimes the spirit is weak.

Anyhoo. Driving through Market Weighton I saw lots of blue and yellow bikes decorating the front gardens. On coming out I saw scores of people lining the roads and guessed what was happening. I drove about a mile then turned around, as although I didn’t have my camera with me I had my phone. In those few minutes the road in to MW was blocked by police, so I drove down another road where people were lining up. Eventually I found a gate into a field, and parked there, along with another car, praying that the farmer wouldn’t come by with his tractor.

I didn’t have to wait too long before there was a cavalcade of motorbike police, and soon along came the cyclists in two cohorts. The first few were obviously the best cyclists, but my photo was rubbish. Here is the second lot. Lesson to learn. Always have my camera and all lenses with me at all times.


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