Another lovely new week ahead of me. I’ve always loved Mondays, even when I was teaching full time.It’s cos I is a hoptimist and live in the future. So many possibilities. INFP on the Myers-Briggs, with a really high P score. (P = planning in a nutshell. I mean – planning, in a nutshell. I don’t creep into a nut to start planning).

Come to think of it, I’ve always looked forward to all days. When I was a kid it went like this.

Oh good – Monday – Brownies

Oh good – Tuesday – Girl (comic)

Oh good – Wednesday – ballet

Oh good – Thursday – Legion of Mary

Oh good – Friday – choir

And weekends are always good.

Well, today it’s my usual housework slog. I’m also expecting a parcel of wool so I need to get a move on with the housework or I’ll be side-tracked.

I started a crochet shawl for the summer. I imagined a thin silky one, but bought arran weight by mistake so it’s going to be a whopper. I also needed more wool (I’ve used up the three I bought already). This shawl is going to cost a fortune. I’m going to look on it as an heirloom. It’s silk, mohair and wool.

My new shawl

My new shawl

I’ve also ordered some cotton yarn for a sleeveless top. That’s arriving today, but I need to ‘design’ something for it first. That sounds rather grand, but it’s going to be a sleeveless V-neck. I just don’t know whether to add picot edgings or make it a bit empire line or what. Will knit a tension square and see how it drapes.

Bye for now. I might write up about last week if I have time.

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