Monday 1st June. My kind of date. All the new beginnings. I was joking to John last night about all I wanted to cram in today. Then I thought, why not make it more realistic by slotting things in to reasonable time scales. So.

7-9 Breakfast, shower, meditate

9-11 Housework

11-1130 Coffee, while watching a bit more of Gone With The Wind

11.30-12.30 Walk

1-2 Lunch (beans on homemade toast probably).

Eagle eyed readers will notice I have a spare half hour before lunch. That’s me being even more realisiic.

I haven’t got round to planing the afternoon. I want to start a habit of witing for two hours a day,, but not sure if I will sustain this daily. The rest of the day COULD pan out like this.

2-4 Write (my Creative Writing project and one (!) of my books)

4-4.30 gardening

4.30-5 Meditate

Rest of the day – knitting, dinner (cold chicken salad)TV, do a bit more of The Great Courses on Classics of English Lit. and of course, chatting to John. This is where most of our time goes.

Dieting is back on track after a decadent few days in Oxford with M, F and the munchkins. Oh that’s another thing I could squeeze in today somewhere – sort the photos. Here’s one that I’ve already done (changed from raw to png,, cropped and resized). Bye.  It’s 7.20 already.

The Oxford Quartet

The Oxford Quartet



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