Yesterday morning went like clockwork. I did all all activities as planned. Afternoon – I had been a bit vague about this anyway, In the end I finished watching Gone with the Wind (John had a client ((who didn’t turn up)) ). It began raining then, so I got out my work in progress Mass Book, and read through what I have done already, adding a few notes. After this I designed the top back of the cotton top I’m knitting (V neck back) and finished off the right half during TV in the evening.

Today – our 3 piece suite GOES.



RIP 3 piece suite

RIP 3 piece suite

I don’t know what we’re going to sit on for the next week or so, but hey.

Today? As well as our furniture going we are going – to The Pirates of Penzanze. An ENO  live recording at Hull Cineworld. Should be fun.

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