Pirates of Penzance last Tuesday was bloody brilliant. I’ve seen about 3 amateur productions over the years, but (obviously) they don’t compare to Mike Leigh’s scintillating production. I’m still going around singing some of the songs. The singers were top notch, and I can’t get over the breath control of the daughters’ chorus – the one that ends with ‘duty’ and ‘beauty’. Also, the colours, especially in part two, and the clever minimal scenery. A great evening, followed by Kentucky Fried. Two phone messages when we got home. Both a bit worrying. A family member is in hospital with cancer. I can’t say who yet, as the spouse doesn’t want a fuss. Results of biopsy tomorrow.

Then, on Saturday we were out again. This time to Hull City Hall, where we had a great evening being entertained by Milton Jones – my favourite comdedian. Not a swear word or a hint of smut, and I was crying with laughter from the first few minutes.

Tonight – a Tuesday again – I was at the WI dinner in The Hope and Anchor. They really ought to get themselves a website. Great company and great food. Unfortunately, I had chosen scampi and chips, followed by Blacktoft Mess, and I am supposed to be on a diet. I was 149.2 lbs this morning, but expect to be back to over 150lbs tomorrow. Oh well. It was worth it.

Tomorrow – Birding at Flamborough, where I hope to see puffins. Bye. I need my beauty sleep and it’s an early start.

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