I’ve decided to pick up on this blog. Someone in church read it and enjoyed it, so I have a fresh enthusiasm. I dropped it because I lost loads of stuff – I’m sure it’s still somewhere in the gobbledy-gook, and I was discouraged. Then I lost all my login details and both the website and the blog went completely awol. I got the website back a few weeks ago, and today I trawled through all my old emails from Hostpapa and finally found what I needed.




Why does everyone start sentences with SO these days? And why do people say ABSOLUTELY when they mean YES?  And don’t start me on the overuse of the word AMAZING. Please keep it for sunsets and very special people.

So! That’s my rant. I’m off to the WI this evening, so I will close,
but I will try to keep future posts nice and Pollyanna-ish. It won’t suit everyone, but it suits me.


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