This morning I dropped Haz off at the Duke of Cumberland, North Ferriby.Who’s Haz, you ask.That’ll be my third post.I had intended carrying on into Hull to return my library books, but I had no other reason for  going in, and I don’t like shopping at the best of times.

So instead, I headed for the North Cave Wetlands armed with water, camera and bins. It was a beautiful April morning, and, inspired by Haz, I was also keen on picking up on walking again.I have a history of breathlessness, and the doctor has recommended daily walks of half an hour, which I have been neglecting. Also, at the doctors on Friday {that’s another story) my blood pressure was 146/88. I know this isn’t a true reading as I get white coat syndrome, but I realised that I haven’t been exercising lately.

Anyway, back to my story. I spent a lovely hour and a half at the Wetlands. One negative aspect (sorry, dear readers) was that my camera battery was dead. I had this big decision.To go home (two miles away) and get my reserve battery, (why on earth don’t I carry it with me?) or go around the reserve armed with just bins and my i-phone.

Well. I decided to carry on, and really enjoyed the walk. I saw lots of birds. I was going to do a checklist but it would have been too long. Hghlights were the avocets, and the welcome sound of the chiffchaff.

I didn’t have too many regrets about not having my camera, but I could have got some good shots of a  heron right out on open grass, shots of the avocets and lots of the courting behaviour of the black headed gulls.

I hate starting this blog with a rubbish photo, but this is the best I did today. A couple of greylag geese. I promise I’ll never upload such a rubbish photo again.



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