Friday started out normally until I arrived in Hedon for Creative Writing. Being engrossed in Desert Island Discs I didn’t take on board that no traffic was coming towards me. On arriving at my destination, there was Gwyneth, the caretaker and a cleaner in deep conversation. I joined them, and discovered that there had been a hold-up in Hedon.  Four young men, one with a gun, had attempted to hi-jack a car.

Disclaimer! As more people arrived the facts contradicted each other, until by the time the last writer arrived upstairs she was told there had been a shoot-out. (Well we are creative writers). On the national news on Saturday it was announced that three binmen were commended for their bravery. They had blocked the car in and one binman had sat on the gun holder, taking away his gun until the police arrived.

All this reminds me of when Martin was about 8 or 9. He entered a competition where the prize was an Action Man. He had to give a title to a gunfight scene, and his title was ‘Gunfight at the OK corral’, or something very very similar. I was going to tell him that was a bit obvious, and give him better ideas, but decided this was cheating, so let him send in that title. Needless to say, he won an Action Man.

Action Man

Action Man

I still have Action Man, being of a sentimental turn and a hoarder. Alexander likes to look at it and hear how I made clothes for it, to match the clothes I made for Martin!


Saturday. Very productive. East Riding libray, duvet in to cleaners, buying two new cat baskets in preparation for our new kittens. I also went to Cat Care in Market Weighton, to suss it all out. No kittens yet, but we don’t have to be vetted or anything. However, we would still have to wait for twelve weeks before we got the cats, and that is an awfully long time. Getting near out summer holidays, and I wouldn’t like to leave any animal before it had settled in. So today, we were looking at other cat rescue places online. And we might end up buying very young kittens, so we have them more or less all their lives. (Not forgetting we might well die before them. Oh dear).


This ‘Get Rid of 40 Items for the 40 days of Lent is spreading. I thought it was an Urquhart Original, but other groups have advertised it. A few people at church are doing it, thanks to Barbara’s enthusiasm. She suggests we have a tabletop sale at the end of Lent to raise money for the church roof, which is a great idea, but I’ve already given stuff away.

To wit:

4 pairs of shoes

1 pair of trousers

3 rather nice frying pans – small, medium and large

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