149.4lbs. How is it possible to put on 1lb in 24 hours? I’m supposed to be 147lbs next Monday, so I will have to have a very abstemious week.

In other news – where did I get up to?

Oh yes, Wednesday – Birding. Not one of our greatest days as the light wasn’t fabulous, but  good views of red kites, and of course, good company and exercise.

Red Kite

Tree sparrows


Sunflower field (photoshopped!)


Thursday, John had a meeting to do with Counselling at the Station Hotel, Hull. He still hasn’t driven on his own since his broken leg, mostly because he can’t pull the wheelchair in to the car on his own. He has a bigger chair, and the smaller one has a wheel which won’t come off like wot it should.

So I did a bit of retail therapy. Bought two cheap earring sets at Dorothy Perkins, then after more window shopping, went back there and bought a cute clutch handbag. It will be great for evenings when I just want to carry a little money, a handky and my mobile.

One of the earrings had a post that wouldn’t stay on. I couldn’t use another post as the design was really unusual and the main part of the earring was the bit with the post on.

I dislike shopping, and didn’t want to go back to Hull just to return the earrings, so I made the post thicker with a dab of strong glue. I was so proud of myself until John reminded me that I was driving him in to Hull again, for his Supervision course. Anyway, the glue did the trick, and more to the point, I didn’t glue the earring permanently to my ear.

Friday was Creative Writing. Enjoyable as usual. This week we have to write a fantasy story (ghosts, ghouls, fairies… anything like that… but the story has to span at least 150 years. I might do another bit of a dragon story I started a few years ago. It was for a Dragonfest, and got read out in a pub in Hull. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go, but a friend from Creative Writing did.

Saturday, back to Hull with John. I went to see the Hullywood Exhibition that I read about in Amateur Photography. The photographer took iconic scenes from movies and recreated them with Hull residents in various Hull locations. So you notice the proliferation of Hull references in this post? Well it is the City of Culture 2017. Good exhibition that made me smile.

Home on my own for the day. Watched Wuthering Heights . The 1939 one with Lawrence Oliver. I really don’t rate him. He did this straight after his success as Hamlet on the stage, and according to IMDB he carried over his stage skills to the cinema, and it didn’t work. The IMDB trivia page is hilarious. I did some knitting while watching the film, then had a snooze. Luckily I set my alarm, as I was well away when it went off. Collected John and had a quiet evening watching TV.

Sunday. Quiet. Enjoyable.

Today. Meeting someone for the first time. He husband saw my photos on Flicker and wanted one on the North Cave Wetlands site. His wife contacted me as we have a fair bit in common and we are meeting for a coffee (tea?) at the Yorkshire Garden Centre.

Goodbye. See you in  day or two.

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