We spent a lovely few days in Scotland. Weather really warm. We only actually child-minded on the Thursday and the boys were in bed most of the morning. Who were we to disturb them? Ali and I sat out in the sun a lot, and on Saturday we went to the first birthday party of… Read More

Off to Scotland today to see our lovely daughter and family. First, there’s birding, luckily in a nearby location. So I do hope to upload some family and birding pictures in the next few days. Bye. Off to get ready. I AM NOT GOING TO BE LATE FOR BIRDING EVER AGAIN.… Read More

The story of Haz.   A couple of weeks ago I texted Catherine Murphy about something to do with the Children’s Liturgy on the Sunday. She texted back, asking if we were free on Saturday 11th as she had a massive favour to ask me. Foolishly I said yes, 😉 and I heard nothing for… Read More

This morning I dropped Haz off at the Duke of Cumberland, North Ferriby.Who’s Haz, you ask.That’ll be my third post.I had intended carrying on into Hull to return my library books, but I had no other reason for  going in, and I don’t like shopping at the best of times. So instead, I headed for… Read More

I started this blog on 1st December 2007. On changing providers I downloaded the years I had recorded and started afresh in 2013.I must admit I let the posts slide a lot, especially in the last year, but on deciding to take it up again I somehow lost it all. I was so upset, and… Read More