Oh my goodness. I shall have to buck up. Life is good. What has happened since March? April = Easter and we made Easter Bunnies out of a sock at the WI. We had a lovely holiday in May, back to Eria Resort. Olivia made her First Holy Communon in June. July – we had… Read More

Okay, at last I have reached the end of my quick review. It is 11th April 2019, so hopefully I can remember the last eleven days and write about them. In the meantime, I was busy knitting. I have a passion for intricate lacework, and this is the most complicated shawl I have made to… Read More

My neice’s husband was 50 in January, so off we went to near Southend to celebrate with him. Wife, Rachel, made the cake of course. The kids had fun. The adults had fun. A nice shot of Martin, Fiona and myself. Every month has its share of birds (for me, anyway) This was the month… Read More

Kitchen finally done. The cats seem to approve. A new addition to the family. We finally met Leo, Liam’s 8 month old labrador, at Christmas And last photo of the year – our youngest grandchildren braving the cold. So that’s the year caught up with. I’m surprised I didn’t take many photos at Christmas. The… Read More

Who said November was colourless? Something brown and furry by way of contrast. And just to end on a high note – a beautiful little waxwing. P.S. I forgot this lovely blue fungus.… Read More

I o nly took 87 photos in September, so have no visual items to jog my memory. My birthday is 23rd, but no photos. Strange. However, I have plenty of the pond we back on to. Over the summer the algae got thicker and thicker, and there were dead fish here and there. While we… Read More

August was more exciting, with our holiday in Crete. (We both needed to lose weight, and John has done. So proud of him.) The holiday got off to a good start when I found I had brought non-matching shoes. We always have our wedding anniversary abroad (But not this year – watch this space,) What… Read More

July – hardly any photos. We went to Scotland and have one measly photo of a lovely break. Actually, I had the camera on video setting. Meal with Alison and co in Glasgow I have other cat photos, and some WI ones, but I’ll spare you. Also, it’s 11.00pm and I’m getting tired. Nighty-night.… Read More