And another month goes past. What have I done? Let me see where I got up to. Well, that didn’t help much. Let’s just think. I know it was Lent. You’re not supposed to talk about what you do for Lent, but Barbara has been telling everyone, so blow it, here goes. The main thing… Read More

Friday started out normally until I arrived in Hedon for Creative Writing. Being engrossed in Desert Island Discs I didn’t take on board that no traffic was coming towards me. On arriving at my destination, there was Gwyneth, the caretaker and a cleaner in deep conversation. I joined them, and discovered that there had been… Read More

Hello again. This time I really am going to keep a record of my day to day ramblings. And this post is just to get it up to date before I start properly on Ash Wednesday. A good day for a new start. I stopped writing on 21st July 2015. I can see we had… Read More

The Scottish Pair were with us last week, and we are just enjoying the calm before the storm of the Oxford Lot hits us tomorrow. We had a lovely week with the lads. To bed late, so we had quiet mornings while they recovered. First evening was fun, as they ran around the garden trying to… Read More

Well, that’s an nice memorable title for this post. It was inspired by a Radio 4 news item today. Oops. It was Spitfires, not Messerschmitts. Now what to write? The Messerschmitts and Fockers joke was one that my brother told us at our 40th wedding anniversary nine years ago. He had a T-shirt about it too. I can… Read More

Monday 1st June. My kind of date. All the new beginnings. I was joking to John last night about all I wanted to cram in today. Then I thought, why not make it more realistic by slotting things in to reasonable time scales. So. 7-9 Breakfast, shower, meditate 9-11 Housework 11-1130 Coffee, while watching a… Read More

We spent a lovely few days in Scotland. Weather really warm. We only actually child-minded on the Thursday and the boys were in bed most of the morning. Who were we to disturb them? Ali and I sat out in the sun a lot, and on Saturday we went to the first birthday party of… Read More

Off to Scotland today to see our lovely daughter and family. First, there’s birding, luckily in a nearby location. So I do hope to upload some family and birding pictures in the next few days. Bye. Off to get ready. I AM NOT GOING TO BE LATE FOR BIRDING EVER AGAIN.… Read More