I bought full fat milk by mistake the other day. I had forgotten how lovely and creamy it is. A perfect partner to my homemade muesli with Pink Lady apple. Now for my friendship post. I like to say I haven’t got any friends. Only John. I am quite reserved, and think I am difficult… Read More

Friday started out normally until I arrived in Hedon for Creative Writing. Being engrossed in Desert Island Discs I didn’t take on board that no traffic was coming towards me. On arriving at my destination, there was Gwyneth, the caretaker and a cleaner in deep conversation. I joined them, and discovered that there had been… Read More

Well that’s a disappointment. I was supposed to be meeting three friends at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, but two of them didn’t realise it was a firm arrangement and have made other plans. We meet every month or so and ‘do’ places. Last time it was the Richard 3rd exhibition in York. Oh, and we do… Read More

Maureen was a lovely lady who was a brding friend. She and three others from Hutton Cranswck joined Michael’s first birding session in January 2004. We used to call them  ‘the ladies from  Hutton Cranswick’. Maureen was diagnosed with a rare incurable disease Amyloidosis about 11 years ago, and it lay dormant for years, but caught up… Read More

Good day yesterday. Met my three OU friends at York Museum and after an argument with the coffee machine we went to see the Richard the Third exhibition. It was a bit small – only two or three little rooms – but very interesting.The Olivier film was set up in a corner, and we turned… Read More

We spent a lovely few days in Scotland. Weather really warm. We only actually child-minded on the Thursday and the boys were in bed most of the morning. Who were we to disturb them? Ali and I sat out in the sun a lot, and on Saturday we went to the first birthday party of… Read More