Well that’s a disappointment. I was supposed to be meeting three friends at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, but two of them didn’t realise it was a firm arrangement and have made other plans. We meet every month or so and ‘do’ places. Last time it was the Richard 3rd exhibition in York. Oh, and we do… Read More

I’m so organised lately. I think it started a fortnight ago when we finally got our new three piece suite. I cleared the sitting room, polished it up, and since then I have made a point of having only one hobby type thing at a time in there. (Apart from the pile of books on… Read More

Pirates of Penzance last Tuesday was bloody brilliant. I’ve seen about 3 amateur productions over the years, but (obviously) they don’t compare to Mike Leigh’s scintillating production. I’m still going around singing some of the songs. The singers were top notch, and I can’t get over the breath control of the daughters’ chorus – the one… Read More

Yesterday morning went like clockwork. I did all all activities as planned. Afternoon – I had been a bit vague about this anyway, In the end I finished watching Gone with the Wind (John had a client ((who didn’t turn up)) ). It began raining then, so I got out my work in progress Mass Book, and read… Read More

Monday 1st June. My kind of date. All the new beginnings. I was joking to John last night about all I wanted to cram in today. Then I thought, why not make it more realistic by slotting things in to reasonable time scales. So. 7-9 Breakfast, shower, meditate 9-11 Housework 11-1130 Coffee, while watching a… Read More