Hello yet again. A new start. (Can there be an old start?) Anyway, if I don’t keep this blog up I’m going to kill it off. I was so surprised I got in straight away, as I was sure I would get the user name and password wrong.

I am also going to start a new private blog – a spiritual one – as I have started a Prayer Guide course and I want to record my journey. No point writing in longhand. I can never read my writing.

Highlights since I last wrote – (May 10th) – well life is one big highlight isn’t it. I’ll have to look at FB page and my photos, but I think I already mentioned our big family reunion at M & F’s. Enjoyed my ongoing weekly activities. Had a lovely holiday in Crete, That’s about it. No health problems for either of us, thank God, although other family members have. Worry int he world at the moment, with North Korea testing missiles and nuclear bombs. Still, enough of that. This blog is meant to uplift.

Bye for now. I’ll sort out some photos and memories.

Oh, and it’s a shiny new Monday, so I am full of good intentions to clean the house, weed the garden, read, knit,. Oh, just remembered. I joined the U3A and am going to a book club. It’s meeting this afternoon, so some of my good intentions will go to pot.

Goodbye again.

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  • Hi Aileen, I hope you continue with your blog as I like hearing what you have been up to. Perhaps I should just phone and ask but somehow your writing really reveals your personality. Keep going xx

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