Up. Breakfast. Wrote blog and started secret blog. Made bread.

Seeded loaf

Seeded loaf

Bit of housework just to show willing.

Played with kittens

Kittens playing

Kittens playing

Read a chapter of Some Luck by Jane Smiley  as it’s Book Club this afters and I was only on chapter 4. Now on chapter 5. 28 chapters to go.

Had beans on homemade bread (toasted)

Book Club. Found out someone dies in book. (Par for the course I suppose)


Knitting. (That’s why I didn’t finish book. I’m in to knitting at the moment).

Gammon and homemade chips flavoured with piri-piri.

Knitting, TV and bed.

Oh, and found out how to stop sharing this blog on Face Book.

Riveting innit?

One comment on “Reporting on Monday

  • Good stuff. Bread making, knitting, you might shame me into doing something. Keep it going, it is the “ordinary” days that make the good ones good. Looking forward to next instalment.

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