August was more exciting, with our holiday in Crete. (We both needed to lose weight, and John has done. So proud of him.)

The holiday got off to a good start when I found I had brought non-matching shoes.

Clever Clogs

We always have our wedding anniversary abroad (But not this year – watch this space,)

My chunky hunk
A bit on the chunky side myself

What was special was that John swam in the sea. He has swum in swimming pools, and last year he was taken in to the sea, but a wave knocked him out of the floating chair he was in. The water was quite shallow, so he ended up with his face in the sand on the seabed. The men carrying him out refused to let him swim, but took him in again. This year, there was a beach with a tractor type of thing that got John in to deeper water, and HE SWAM IN THE SEA.


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