I o nly took 87 photos in September, so have no visual items to jog my memory. My birthday is 23rd, but no photos. Strange.

However, I have plenty of the pond we back on to. Over the summer the algae got thicker and thicker, and there were dead fish here and there. While we were on holiday in August there were a couple of meetings organised by residents, and apparently the last one ended in chaos, with nothing being decided. So glad we were away.

The pond got really clear by itself over the winter (one resident wanted everyone to pay quite a lot of money and he would get someone to clear the pond. It’s quite large. Now, end of March 2019, the water lilies are coming back, so let’s hope that’s all that returns.

Mucky Pond

In September we also went to the Ammerdown Centre for a really good workshop course on The Enneagram. Karen Webb led it so it was bound to be good. We’ve done several with her. I brought my camera, of course, so here are a couple of photos of the grounds.

Goodbye, September

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