Updated March 2017

As in the last blog, I thought I would record my weight, and maybe other statistics, here. I’ll do daily weights first, then delete and keep Monday morning weights. I might get around to deleting and just keep monthly weights.

I want to get to 147lbs, then I shall revalue.

And when I am 147lbs I shall start using the icecream machine that Martin gave me.

13/4/2015             151.2lbs

20/4/2015             152.8lbs    That’s Scotland for you!

23/4/2015              152.4        Going down!

21/5/2015                148.8       Downhill all the way!

18 Months On…

8/11/2016               146 lbs.      Wohoooooooooo


Well, I put a lot on over Christmas and the New Year, so I’m starting again.

27.2.2017                 150 lbs

6/3/2017                    148.8lbs


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