I was born and bred a Catholic. I had a really happy childhood in my family, parish and schools. At  reunions of Notre Dame Southwark girls, most people criticise the nuns. I admit they were old-fashioned and out of touch with the 'modern world' of the late 50s, but they had our best interests at heart I'm sure. And we led some of the teachers a merry dance! (But not Miss Hammond!!!)

My parish church is Sacred Heart, Howden, Yorkshire. The people attending Mass are so friendly. A rural parish is such a change from my last parish where I was First Holy Communion coordinator, and there were between 70 and 90 children making their communion each year. I am privileged to prepare the children at Sacred Heart too. This year there are ten children, and that's a lot.There are only ten pews on each side, and we only have one Mass on a Sunday. It is a joy to go there. I also do church cleaning once a month, read occasionally, help with the children's liturgy, wash the altar linen, and am safeguarding officer. I have designed and maintain the church website too. It sounds as if I do a lot, but I don't really. I think I ought to start a Prayer Group, Social Justice Group or something, as the parish is so focused on social activities.The reason is that our building is Grade 2 listed, and the fabric is in really bad condition, so fundraising looms large.

my church

My favourite way of praying is meditating. The idea is for us to sit still for twenty to thirty minutes, saying a mantra to root us in the present. Just let go of any thoughts, ideas or feelings. I like to think that nature doesn't like a vacuum, so God fills it, alhtough of course I believe God is there already. Meditating gives us the space to realise it.

It must be over twenty years since I started, and I go through phases of commitment. Anyone wanting to try it out - and I heartily recommend it - should access the website below

www. wccm.org

I like to thing that Scripture guides my life, but I also think that God speaks to us through our dreams, other people, nature, and much else. I don't go to a Scripture Group at the moment, but do try to alternate reading a novel with some spiritual reading. I go through phases of praying the Divine Office too.

Some of my favourite Scripture quotes are 

'Be still and know that I am God'

'Behold I stand at the door and knock'


'I have called you by your name. You are mine'

I enjoy the Divine Office too, although I don't say it that often. I love the psalms, and also the Office of Readings, which has some lovely old writings by Fathers of hte Church.